Areas of Practice


Business and Corporate Law

We provide legal services to our clients in many aspects of their business including organization, mergers and acquisitions, general corporate and partnership matters, debt collection, financing transactions (including secured transactions and Uniform Commercial Code matters), dissolutions and contracts.


Criminal Law

Criminal convictions can wreck havoc on your future, limited your ability to obtain employment or rent an apartment. Our law firm provides aggressive criminal law guidance designed to help you limit the harm stemming from a conviction related to DUI, domestic assault, drug crimes and other felony and misdemeanor charges.


Civil Litigation

We provide aggressive cost effective litigation services for clients with business and contract disputes, personal injury claims, workers’ compensation claims, product liability, construction dispute, and land use/takings and condemnation claims.


Civil Mediation

In addition to the legal services that are offered at our law firm, Clyde Richert is a trained Rule 31 Mediation who is experienced in facilitating settlements between and among individuals with legal disputes.


Domestic / Family Law

Our family law services are designed to help you find resolutions in the most effective and painless manner possible. Our law firm handles divorce, custody and visitation, stepparent adoptions, division of property, alimony, fathers’ rights, paternity, post divorce modifications.


Probate and Estate Planning

Our estate planning representation is designed to help you plan for your family future through any contingency. Through the completion of simple wills, living wills, healthcare power of attorney and durable power of attorney, we strive to help you limit the financial and emotional expense your loved ones may experience in the future. We also offer probate administration guidance to clients who have lost a loved one.


Real Estate

We provide legal services for all aspects of real estate transactions, including contract negotiations, zoning, and permitting issues, financing, title insurance issues, and other matters related to closing a real estate transaction. We have extensive experience in closing complex commercial transactions as well as residential transactions.